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Eco Warrior 


The children in Year 3 learnt about the importance of recycling paper with Hannah, a Devon Education Officer  from Resource Futures.


Year 6  learnt about the effects of climate change, empowering the children to understand current climate issues.


Year One gained environmental awareness by talking about the effects of litter on our planet. We went out in the school grounds, checking for litter and ensuring we picked it up safely using the correct equipment.  

When we went back to class, the children decided that we should create posters to place around the school to remind people to bin their litter.  

Year 4 had a fantastic visit to the Farmwise event.  They had an amazing day taking part in a wide      variety of activities such as holding newly hatched chicks, meeting goats and cows, making butter from cream, finding out about bee-keeping, making pizza and cookies, creating butterfly friendly seed balls to plant in the garden and watching sheep being shorn.

I am the EarthRydon KS2 2023
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