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Here at Rydon Primary School, we educate children so they can live great lives.

We inspire children to develop the knowledge and character that enable them to leave school ready to lead rewarding lives in a rapidly changing world. Cultural, sporting and artistic experiences help them discover their full potential. They further develop character through a resilient, determined and positive response to challenge. We want students to leave with the academic qualifications, skills and personal attributes that open doors to a fulfilling future.

Character Education is the wider personal development of a child beyond the academic education they receive in school. It aims to instil in pupils a number of key characteristics and values such as resilience, honesty, motivation and humility, all of which will help them in their adult lives.

At Rydon, we deliver Character Education through our Eleven by Eleven programme of opportunities and experiences.


Eleven by Eleven – all pupils in ESW primary schools will have opportunities and experiences across the following areas by the time they move onto secondary school at the age of eleven.

The Eleven areas are…

Performing Arts - The performing arts encourage children to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and helps them develop their own, unique voice. Children experience a wide range of performing arts opportunities throughout their time in our school, both as a performer and as a member of an audience

Learning a New Skill/After School Clubs – Through our extra-curricular activities we give our children the opportunity to develop their skills and learn new ones.

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