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Year 2 Sports Day Photos

Here are some of the quotes from Year 2 children about this year's Sports Day.

"I really enjoyed it. I liked doing the running, it makes me happy. It was really quiet this time and I had lots of fun. It was a really good sports day" - Mia

"I thought it was really fun. I love running races and I've been practicing in the garden. There were all races I like and it was fun." - Rosalie

"Yes, I enjoyed sports day. I loved jumping up and down in the sack, it made me laugh because it made my mouth open and close! Watching the other people take part was really good." - Louis

"I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the running races as I love it, it gives me a feeling of energy. I even do sports at home in the garden, in the house and on the Wii. I liked getting to be with my friends and getting exercise." - Ryan

"I enjoyed sports day. I loved the throwing game, I got in two orange bags! I liked the running and the ones that looked like rockets...javelin, that was good. I liked it with my friends." - Alex

"Yes, I enjoyed sports day. Doing the sprinting made me happy. Throwing the rockets - definitely good!...just everything. I really liked not a lot of people there as sometimes it hurts my ears, so it was good." Reggie