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Return Letter March 8th

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Monday, the Prime Minister laid out the Government’s route map to take the country out of the current lockdown. As widely reported, we were pleased to see that the return to normality will begin with the full reopening of schools on Monday 8th March.

Our plans as a school are as they were prior to the lockdown at the start of January.

Classroom Organisation; Children will continue to spend the vast majority of their time in their class groupings, but will occasionally spend time with other children from their year group. To ensure children do not mix with others, each group will be kept apart from other groups across the school at all times including playtimes and lunchtimes. Classrooms will continue to be organised in line with DfE guidance.

Timings; The school gates will open at 8-40am. Please do not arrive too early as we are trying to restrict congestion. Teachers will be on the playground to meet the children and take them down to their classrooms. There will continue to be a staggered start and end to the day.

Start of Day;

8.45am Y1/Y4 and Y6

9am Reception/ Y2/Y3 and Y5

End of Day;

3.15pm Y1/Y4 and Y6

3.30pm Reception/ Y2/Y3 and Y5

Entrances to be used;

Top Playground; Y3 and Y4

Front Playground; Reception/ Y1/ Y2/ Y5 and Y6

Please ensure that you arrive and leave promptly for both drop off and pick up.

Parents are reminded of the need to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing at all times.

Uniform; All children will be expected to wear school uniform.

Forest School; Sessions will continue as normal. Dates for your child’s class will be sent out once term starts.

Hygiene; Children will be expected and reminded to wash their hands regularly throughout the day and sanitiser will be available in all classrooms. Sanitiser is always available throughout the school.

Cleaning; Enhanced cleaning arrangements will continue to be in place across the school each day.

PE; All sessions will continue to take place outside as we are still not able to use the hall for PE sessions at the start of the school term. Children in Y1 to Y6 will need to have a full PE kit in school for them to change into.

ROOSC breakfast and after school provision; As last term, children will again be in two separate bubbles with siblings kept together. There will be an amended food offer.

Lunches; Lunches will be available as normal from the school kitchen. Children eligible for free school meals will have a meal provided and paid meals will also be available. Children can bring a packed lunch. Children in Reception and Key Stage One will eat their lunches in the school hall. Children in Key Stage Two will eat their lunches in their classrooms.

Attendance; The DfE has been clear with schools that attendance is not optional. The usual rules and duties around school attendance are in place from 8th March. We will continue to support your child in his/her return to school and welcome your support in being positive with them. Teachers and staff are very much looking forward to all children returning to school and I am sure that children and parents are, too.

Sleep; Over the coming week you can help to prepare your child for the return to school by regularising sleeping habits and ensuring that he/she takes part in as many activities as possible during remote learning sessions. Also, it would help if you could fit in additional exercise over the coming week in preparation for the return to school. Our experience after the last long lockdown was that many children did not have the stamina for the longer school days and by half term some were really flagging.

Testing/ Safety; All staff in school are carrying out Lateral Flow tests twice weekly to further ensure the safety of the pupils and themselves. We ask that you support us with this by ensuring you follow our guidance and systems for drop off and pick up as well as adhering to social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Without doubt, this has been an unprecedented year. However, with your support, the continued development of remote learning by the staff and the enthusiasm from our children, we believe we have all worked together to make this as positive an experience as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 8th March.

Best wishes,

Nick Banwell

return letter March 8th
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