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Year 3 Kents Cavern & Cinema trips

Year 3 went on a school trip to Kents Cavern.

To link with their recent history topic work on the 'Stone Age' they stepped back in time and explored a range of different survival stations on the ‘Woodland Palaeo’ trail and even met a woolly mammoth!

Alongside handling a range of historical artefacts, the children also enjoyed navigating through the caves and learning about stalagmites and stalactites. As their cave tour concluded the children bravely experienced the darkness of the caves by shell candlelight – a great opportunity to sing ‘Happy birthday’ as well!

Article 28 - Every child has the right to an education

Year 3 were fortunate to secure free tickets to go and watch Super Mario Bros at Newton Abbot Cinema. This was curtesy of ‘Intofilm’ as part of their annual film festival. The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the cinema experience and rated the film as excellent! A big thank you to Miss Barker who organised everything and even came along to watch the film with us on her day off!


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