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Rydon Wildlife Champions conference with the Devon Wildlife Trust at East Allington primary school

On Friday 14th October our Rydon Wildlife Champions attended the annual Wildlife Conference at East Allington. The conference was run by the Devon Wildlife Trust and the children had a wonderful time whilst learning lots of important information.

They learnt about the Mariana Trench along with the associated pollution problems. Then identified different trees by their leaves, including the mighty oak, where they found out how many different species of animals inhabit it (2,300!). They found minibeasts to observe and also wrote 'Letters to the Earth' - more on this to follow.

Most of all, the conference has inspired the children and has given them confidence to come back and try different ideas at Rydon. The Devon Wildlife Trust leaders were amazed at the knowledge our children displayed and were impressed with the questions they asked. Well done Wildlife Champions, we look forward to seeing what plans you have to make a difference back here at Rydon!


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