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Rights Respecting Ambassadors and Playtime Buddies

Over the past half term, the Playtime Buddies and the Rights Respecting Ambassadors have been working together to create a Playtime charter.

They picked 4 rights from the UNCRC which they felt were important for the children and adults to focus on at playtimes. These were:

  • We have the right to be kept safe and need to behave in a safe way. (Article 19)

  • We have the right to be listened to and we will listen to others. (Article 12)

  • We will be kind and fair and include people in our games. (Article 15 and 2)

  • We have the right to relax and play and we will look after play equipment. (Article 31)

The children then designed the Playtime Charter which is ready to be displayed around our school.


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