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Okehampton 2021

by Year 6

We arrived at Okehampton on Tuesday morning. We were all very excited to see where we were going to be staying. On the first day, we got split into groups. Some of us stayed on site to do archery while others went on to the moors to do weasling. On the second day, we all got to go to the lake, where we got the chance to do kayaking, raft building and canoeing. We got to have some delicious meals while we were there, including a roast dinner and spaghetti bolognaise.

A highlight of the trip was getting to go gorge scrambling. Even though it was very wet and cold, everyone enjoyed it. We also loved the kayaking where we got to see lots of fish and even got to jump in!

We had a great time at Okehampton and have made lots of memories.


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